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About Peartree Primary School Governors

Publication of governor’s details and the register of interests

Governors hold an important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider communities. In the interests of transparency, a governing body should publish on its website up-to-date details of its governance arrangements, in a readily accessible form.  It is the governor's responsibility to appoint new governors.



Peartree Primary School Governors


  Governor Type Term From Term To Roles Pecuniary Interests Finance Interests Date stepped Down
Co-opted Governors              
Mr Simon Cragg Co-opted governor 01-Nov-15 31-Oct-19 Chair      
Governor newsletter
Mrs Susanne Fellowes Co-opted governor 24-Mar-15 22-Mar-19       27/06/ 2018
Mr David Flin Co-opted governor 01-May-15 30-Apr-19 ViceChair      
Year 1
Resources Committee Vice Chair
New School working group
Mr Carl Gough Co-opted governor 10-Jun-16 09-Jun-20 Year 3      
Resources Committee Chair
New School working group
Extended Schools Provision
Mrs Beverley Smith Co-opted governor 01-Nov-15 30-Oct-19 Science      
Talk for Writing
Parent View
School Council
Year 5
School Improvement Committee Chair
Mr Sue Wilson Co-opted governor 28-Apr-17 27-Apr-21 Health & Safety      
Year 4
Policy Schedule
Mrs Val Luckins Co-opted governor 16-Sep-18 16-Sep-22 SEND      
Nurture group
Pupil Premium
Mrs Jess Chapman Co-opted governor 24-May-17 23-May-21       27/06/ 2018
LEA Governors              
Mr John Paull Local Authority Governor 24-May-17 23-May-21       14/11/ 2018
Parent Governors              
Mr Christopher Corbey-West Parent governor 01-May-15 30-Apr-19 Website      
Governor Hub Co-ordinator
Gifted and Talented
Year 6
School Improvement committee Vice Chair
Ms Caroline Tandy Parent governor 01-May-15 30-Apr-19       27/06/ 2018
Staff Governors              
Mrs Claire Moberly Staff governor 01-Jan-18 02-Jan-22 SIC Clerk Employee Employee  
School Council
Maths Lead
Dr Clare Herbert Headteacher       Employee Employee  
Members of the Governing Board              
Mrs lisa Archer Member 30-Jun-17 01-Jul-21 Finance Employee Employee  
Clare Bellwood Member 30-Jun-17 01-Jul-21   Employee Employee  
Mrs Samantha Squires Member 30-Jun-17 01-Jul-21   Employee Employee  
Associate Members of the Governing Board              
Ms Carole Connelly Associate Member 09-Oct-18 08-Oct-22   Independent Education Consultant    
  Aspire Academy trust - Member
  St Albans Diocesan Education - Consultant
  Cranborne School, Potters Bar - Governor
  School DPO service - Partner
  Aspire Academy Trust - Trustee


4 Vacancies - 2 Co-opted Governors and 2 Parent Governors

Governing Board Meetings Attendance


Y = Attended, N = Apologies Accepted, NA = Apologies not Accepted, NS = No Apologies sent


FGB = Full Governing Board, RC = Resources Committee, SIC = School Improvement Committee


Governor Governor Type 11-Oct-17 08-Nov-17 29-Nov-17 06-Dec-17 24-Jan-18 21-Mar-18 25-Apr-18 09-May-18 23-May-18 13-Jun-18 27-Jun-18
Mrs lisa Archer Member Y   Y N   Y   Y Y   Y
Clare Bellwood Member   Y Y   Y Y N   N   N
Mrs Jess Chapman Co-Opted N Y Y Y       Y Y   Y
Mr Christopher Corbey-West Parent   Y Y   Y Y Y   Y Y N
Mr Simon Cragg Co-Opted   Y N   Y Y Y   Y Y Y
Mrs Susanne Fellowes Co-Opted   Y Y   Y Y Y   Y N  
Mr David Flin Co-Opted Y   N Y   N   Y Y   Y
Mr Carl Gough Co-Opted Y   Y Y   Y   Y Y   Y
Miss Clare Herbert Headteacher Y   Y Y   Y Y Y Y   Y
Mrs Claire Moberly Staff           N Y   Y Y Y
Mr John Paull Authority Y   Y Y   Y   N N   Y
Mrs Beverley Smith Co-Opted   Y Y   Y Y Y   Y Y Y
Mrs Samantha Squires Member   Y Y   Y Y Y   Y Y Y
Ms Caroline Tandy Parent   Y Y   N N N   N    
Mr Sue Wilson Co-Opted Y   N Y   Y   Y Y   Y

Governor Information



Simon Cragg – Chair of Governors

I am a Minister of a Church in the Peartree area and having already established some links with the school I was keen to build on that and do what I could to offer support to the school.

I am used to dealing with a whole host of leadership and personal issues including line management, chairing meetings, appraisals, setting up new projects, recruiting and managing volunteers, counselling and pastoral care, and public speaking. I most enjoy being present in school and getting alongside staff, children, and parents. 


Chris Corbey-West – Parent Governor

I am a qualified accountant with over 20 years’ experience in various industries, holding key roles in supporting senior management to make decisions on investments and strategic direction by providing key financial analysis and appraisals. In my role as governor I enjoy learning about the mechanics of education and helping the head teacher to make improvements to the school and the children’s education.



Sue WilsonCo-opted Governor

I have been working in the Sports Leisure industry for over 20 years and have a wide range of skills in areas such as Sport & Recreation and Facilities Management, inc holding a CIEH qualification In Health & Safety. I am looking forward to contributing to the governance and the school, being part of the team, and learning about the structures and policies that are in place. The training courses that I have attended have been very interesting and have given me an insight to what is needed to be a governor.


David Flin - Co-opted Governor

I believe that a child’s education is a key foundation to providing inspiration, ambition and the ability to make the most of their opportunities. I hope that by becoming a governor I will be able to use my skills to help improve the school. Having worked as a banker in the City of London since 2000 I have developed a broad range of skills, particularly focused on financial analysis and project management.



Bev Smith - Co-opted Governor

Chair of School Improvement Committee

I wanted to become a governor as I have always been involved at some level with my three boy’s education, so felt it was a new challenge. I have served on various widely differing committees over the years and feel I bring a “common sense” approach.





Val Luckins - Co-opted Governor

I retired three years ago after working for many years as a specialist speech and language therapist. For the last 25 years I was based in schools, mainly in East Herts, supporting children with specific speech and language disorders, and helping them to access the curriculum, which was a job I found very rewarding. Once I retired, after a few months break, I started coming in to Peartree weekly to support children with their reading. I've really enjoyed getting to know the school and staff, and have now been a governor since September. I would like to be able to use some of my experience and knowledge and be part of Peartree's future. Besides, I have had four children, and now three grandchildren, so I still have a vested interest in the future of the education system!


Carl Gough – Co-opted Governor

Chair of Resources Committee


I have a number of skills that could help me become an effective governor benefitting Peartree School which has turned around significantly under its current Head. I am a professionally qualified (London Stock Exchange diploma) research analyst and advisor specialising in the UK commercial real estate sector. I enjoy working in a team, helping to formulate strategic plans, and specific targets, and ensuring they are delivered successfully. Also seeing the school, it's pupils and staff attain their true potential, and for the school overall to continue to look forward and strive to improve.


Claire Moberly – Staff Governor

I wanted to become a governor to help improve the lives of the children at our school and support in driving school improvement. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work at our school and like to give something back by being part of the Governing Body. I qualified as a teacher in 2009 and have had experience in teaching in different schools and have led on several curriculum subjects. I have been teaching at Peartree since September 2015.




Sam Squires – Associate Governor

I wanted to become a governor to strengthen the leadership of the school and continue to develop school-governor links

I have been teaching for 12 years and have taught all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. I have been a member of leadership teams since 2011. I also know basic German and level 1 BSL. I enjoy having a further understanding of the role of governors who are not attached to the school, hearing opinions of outside others on school matters



Clare Bellwood – Associate Governor

I wanted to become a governor to support the guidance given to governors and staff for school improvement, in particular Inclusion

I have 15 years teaching experience, SENCO Award, SpLD trained.

I enjoy Improving the best outcomes for children from all backgrounds.







Lisa Archer – Associate Governor

I wanted to become a governor to support the ongoing work regarding Attendance, Finance, safeguarding and pupils learning. To help, support and report to governors on any question raised regarding the running of the school. I have experience of 5 years working in the school office and recently started studying towards a level 4 diploma in School Business manager. I enjoy reporting on the improvements being made on attendance and working with governors to ensure to the school and pupils are achieving the best results possible.



Clare Herbert – Headteacher