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Welcome to Ash Class' page.


The adults working in Ash Class are; Mrs Squires, Mr Davies and Mrs Mannering. Together, as a team, we aim to set high expectations and learning outcomes for all of the children in Ash Class.  On a daily basis we teach English and Maths, in which we strive to make learning as fun as possible!


Ash Class are a hard working class!  Here is some of the topics the children have been learning about.

Home Learning


Home learning is currently given out on a Monday and expected in on a Friday.  You will receive Maths and English Home Learning weekly and Topic every other week (see topic sheet).


If home learning is not handed in on a Friday, you will be expected to stay in a break time to complete it.  If you are not sure what to do or you do not understand your home learning, speak to Mrs Squires before Friday.



In English we follow a programme called Talk for Writing (T4W).  The aim of T4W is to build up new vocabulary and develop writing strategies across the school.


There are three stages of T4W.  Here are some examples of the children's learning in from each stage.



These pictures are examples of one of our hooks for the book Gorilla. 


Gorilla Hook


Here is an example of the children changing the text into their own.  The children stuck post-it notes over the original story to change the characters, settings and some of the places visited.


Picture 1


Here is an example of a child's piece of work where they have written their own story based on the original text, Gorilla.



In Maths we have been developing our fluency and understanding of numbers.  We played some games to help us.


Numbers on a Dice - one child was blindfolded.  The other child rolled the dice to their partner.  The child who was blindfolded then had to state how many dots were on a dice.  Some children then decided to challenge their partner and asked them to add two numbers from the dice together. 


Here are some pictures:

Picture 1

We have been learning about time.  We started to learn by finding o'clock and half past.  Then we moved onto quarter past and quarter to and hour.  We are now developing our skills to learn to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 


Here are some pictures to show how we have been getting on:

Here are the times tables rock songs to help you practice your 2's, 5's and 10's times tables.

02 Two.wma

05 Five.wma

10 Ten.wma



In Science we have been learning about dead and alive.  To help us with our understanding of where our food comes from, we recently went on a trip to visit Willows Farm.  At the farm we learned about the different types of foods we can get from plants.  We learned about the food which grow under ground: root vegetables, foods which are part of the stalk: rhubarb, and foods we can get from the flower: seeds.


Here are some pictures from our day:

Moon Zoom


Our current topic is called Moon Zoom.  This topic involves learning all about space.  For our WOW day we had a workshop come in and show us how to make and fly rockets and inside a planetarium.  


Here are some pictures of our day:

In class we have been designing our our planets.  We firstly made some out of tissue paper, which make a great display!

Then we made for using balloons, newspaper and PVA glue.  We let these dry and we have now painted them and they are hanging as part of our display.


Finally we used oil pastels to create a model of the solar system looking either at the whole solar system or single planets.  Here are some examples: