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Hansel and Gretel and the Gingerbread House

Year 1 are exploring fairy tales this term and this week we looked at different versions of Hansel and Gretel. They  worked in teams to make their own gingerbread houses and then thought of adjectives to describe the taste, sound, sight and smell of the gingerbread men they ate afterwards. The next day they used their adjectives to write a sensory poem. 

Gingerbread Houses


Year One have begun to explore number magnitude using an open number line and investigating how we can find out what the missing numbers are. 


Number Magnitude!

Constructing a Number Line

Dotty Maths!

Year 1 have been going dotty during maths! We have been playing lots of dice and  domino games to help secure  our number fluency. The children's favourite is dotty bingo followed closely by Dotzi. You might like to play Dotzi at home:

Using 7 dice you think of a number (e.g 5,)  take turns to roll all the dice at once and then look for the 5s. The same player rolls again to find more 5s and carries on like this until they cannot make any more 5s. Jot down the different ways you can make 5 as you play.

Go Dotty!


In English Year 1 have been exploring traditional tales and have enjoyed reading, and miming the story of Stone Soup. The children mimed the traveller greeting the villagers with a handshake and, in their own style extended this to  high fives and fist bumps! They dug up potatoes, peeled gigantic carrots, used an enormous pepper grinder and stirred the soup with a huge spoon. Some children decided that their soup needed some herbs and our photos show some furious chopping and sprinkling taking place.

During Big Write the children wrote their own recipe for Stone Soup.

Stone Soup Mime.


 Year 1 have been exploring art and design in nature. We went into the garden and collected  dead and dying objects such as leaves, twigs and stones (we did not touch anything that was growing). Back in the classroom we inspected the items through a magnifying glass, chose a favourite and made a pencil sketch of it.

Looking at Art and Design in the Natural World.

Reading with our Year 6 Buddies




The Christmas Play 2015

Hey Ewe!

Thank you for all your support in helping your children learn their lines for the Christmas play.  All of the children enjoyed the play and I am sure they will remember the songs for a long time.


'I like the Hey Ewe song with all the worried sheep'









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