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Welcome to Year 3


Find out more about our learning on this class page. The adults who work with the children in the class are Mrs Claire Moberly, Mrs Chris Bresler, Ms Tish Allen.


Oak enjoy learning new things and demonstrating the school values.

We hope you enjoy looking at our page. smiley



In English we have been learning the story called "Trouble in Paradise".


At first we explored what paradise was like for us. We then drew pictures of our paradise scene. We explored the story as a reader by asking various questions and hot seating. We explored the language choices and spent time looking at phrases to start a story whilst also looking at sentence openers.

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Trouble In Paradise

Trouble in Paradise is an animated comedy following the daily adventures of Crabby, a small orange crab who lives on a tiny tropical island... Crabby is disturbed by an unexpected visitor... Check out Crabby's Christmas Special: Check out the brand new episode 'Fizzy Tizzy': WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Copyright © Brown Bag Films. All Rights Reserved.



Our focus has been on statistics. We have created and interpreted data from tally charts, pictograms, block graphs and bar charts. 


We have learnt that it's really important to read the key and scale to be able to interpret information correctly. 

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Home Learning


Reading - Children are given a school reading book and a library book. The books are changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday when children place their reading book in the “change my reading book” box. We keep a close eye on children who are reading at home (please therefore sign reading records) to see who are our star readers in class.


Weekly - Maths and Spelling are given out every Wednesday and should be brought back by the following Monday.

The spelling will be based on the spelling word list that the children need to learn across year 3.


Topic will be set every half term, The topic home learning is to be completed every two weeks and handed in on the Monday on the specific dates, which can be found in the home learning books.

Topic Home Learning for Spring 2

Maths Teaching Approach


In class we have created our own 3 step approach to teaching mathematics - "Try it, Apply it, Explain it." This approach develops the 3 stages in the mathematics curriculum - "fluency, application and reasoning."


‘Try it’ aims to develop the fluency of different procedures for various types of calculations.

‘Apply it’ aims for the children to apply their procedural knowledge when solving problems.

‘Explain it’ is used to encourage the development of children’s reasoning skills by proving their answers using a resource.


In order for us to be successful in our maths we use concrete resources, pictorial representations and then the abstract (known as the CPA approach) in our books. 


We call this the - "Build it, Draw it, Pencil it" approach. Why not ask the children in Oak class what this means and how this supports them with their learning. 



Viking Longships Paintings

Our Talk For Writing Text

Our Talk For Writing Text 1

After learning this text off by heart, Oak class have created;


  • Story maps,
  • Written character descriptions about Jack and Rose,
  • Written their own section of the story (deciding why and how Jack was turned to stone),
  • Written a recount in the style of a letter pretending to be either Jack or Rose.

Seed Investigation

Anglo Saxon and Viking Shields