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Our phonics leader is Laura McKeen.

Synthetic Phonics are taught in a structured programme in Reception and Year 1 and beyond for those children in Year 2 upwards, where our assessments indicate they are not secure and need further support. At Peartree we use Read, Write Inc as our Learning to Read programme. Phonics teaching is evident daily in class teaching whether it is a direct teaching session delivered by the class teacher, a small group or 1:1 session delivered by a Teaching Assistant or phonic work delivered as part of an English lesson.


Children are assessed on entry to our Learning to Read programme (or when they join the school if after Reception) to provide the class teacher with a baseline assessment and to allow the children to be grouped in accordance with each individual child’s needs. These assessments are repeated half termly to ensure that all children are making progress and to re-group children if necessary. Children not making expected progress are highlighted and an appropriate action decided upon.


If you would like to find out more about Read, Write Inc or about how we teach phonics then please contact Mrs White through the school office.

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