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Welcome to Willow Class page.

Welcome to Willow Class page.  1

Week beginning 20.11.17

This week the children will be learning the new phonics sounds f, e, l, h, sh and making words including these sounds.

We will be very busy and be completing activities such as

  • exploring how letters are delivered.
  • writing our own postcards.
  • creating leaves for the up coming light festival.
  • using the apparatus in the hall for PE


Last week we created a poppy wreath for Remembrance day



Week beginning 13.11.17

This week is Anti-Bullying week and we will be completing a number of different activities.

  • learning how what we say and do effects other people (being a bucket filler not a bucket dipper)  

         (Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud and David Messing)

  • creating paper friends  and discussing who our friends are in class

  • learning about the Hand of 5 (people who we can talk to when we need help)

In Woodland School we will be thinking about the birds in the wood and making bird feeders.

In PE we will be learning how to carefully use apparatus; moving along the beams and learning to jump and land safely.

In maths we will be learning to double and halve numbers.