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30 Days Wild

This June, join thousands of people taking part in the annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild! We want you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.


As a school we want you to send in pictures or activities so that we can connect with the great outdoors every day in June. Here are some examples of how you can get involved and keep an eye on our twitter account ( for more ideas.


#PeartreeGoesWild #30DaysWild


30 Days Wild #PeartreeGoesWild

Go wild this June with 30 random acts of Wildness

If you want to take your challenge even further there are a set of lessons and videos all about planet Earth and how to protect it. Take a look at the link below and share what you find out!