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Academisation Consultation

The governors of Peartree Primary School have voted to consider joining The Ivy Learning Trust. An important part of this process is for Peartree Primary School Governing Body to consult with all stakeholders.


The consultation period will run from Monday 1st November until Thursday 9th December 2021, when a deciding vote will be held by Peartree Primary School governing body. During this period, both Peartree Primary School and The Ivy Learning Trust will carry our ‘due diligence’.


This is an exciting opportunity. However, we recognise potential change can be unsettling. We intend the consultation period to be open and transparent.

The Ivy Learning Trust

Remote meeting for parents and carers

You will of course have questions about how this will affect your child, as well as the school as a whole. A remote meeting will be held for all Peartree Primary School parents and carers, on Monday 8th November 2021 at 6.00 pm. If you would like to attend this meeting, please email by 1pm on Monday 8th November 2021. We will send you a remote link so you can join the meeting.

Academisation Consultation

Please use this form to ask any questions you have about academisation. It would be helpful if you could include your name, so we can get back to you personally if we need to clarify what you are asking. Questions will be collated each week and answers will be posted on the website on Mondays. Please note this form will not be checked daily. If you have any other concerns, please contact the school in the usual way.

Questions via the school website

Question: I agree with academisation if it improve the school's performance and reputation, also providing more opportunities for children to join various clubs and events. I am concerning if the teachers in Peartree are happy with this. There are many good teachers in Peartree but if they don't agree with academisation and they are thinking about leaving school, we are very sad. Peartree has Dr Herbert's strong leadership (we are very happy the headteacher came back to school), and hardworking teachers but the children's performance is still low because probably many parents are not interested in education? (or they have no time to look after their children's study?). For example, I was surprised only 4 families attended online phonics consultation for reception recently, also I noticed many people didn't support much their children's study especially during lockdown. I understand teachers have to support the children who are behind their study, but how does the school encourage children who is on the good level on study too?  (and stop good families leaving Peartree?) Thank you.


Answer: To achieve better outcomes for our pupils requires that we also invest in our teachers.  Academisation provides the opportunity to be part of a larger pool of qualified support enabling collaboration to drive a high quality of continuous professional development for teachers.  MATs also create opportunities for sharing and adopting best practice. Peartree staff have been consulted and will TUPE across to the new entity on existing terms and conditions. Staff have been reassured that their service will be uninterrupted and that their pension rights and benefits are unchanged. 


In terms of engagement with parents we will continue to prioritise this and we value the support that parents can provide to our school and our staff.


Question: Please could you clarify why a MAT could be imposed on Peartree, and as such, if we could be clear are these decisions are being led by funding or performance concerns?


Answer: Maintained schools that are judged by Ofsted as inadequate can be subject to an 'academy order'. In these circumstances the Regional Schools Commissioners, not the school, will take responsibility for identifying the MAT and brokering the relationship. Whilst this is not currently an issue for Peartree the Governing Board have recognised this as a risk if we fail to act now.


The decision to consider academisation is not driven by concerns but by a desire to realise benefits from being part of a MAT including greater financial stability, enhanced staff development opportunities and improved pupil outcomes.