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Art and Design

‘Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.’

Henri Matisse

Our Art and Design Leader is Cherry Pegrum.


We are artists. We are crafters. We are designers.


An artist’s knowledge and understanding is developed specifically through the study of historical and contemporary artists. By interpreting the works of others, art is a way of seeing into new worlds, evaluating the work of a range of artists from their own and other cultures. By exploring their own ideas and using this as a basis for composition, art provides our pupils with expressive and creative opportunities to respond to the world around them.


This aligns with the D and W of our curriculum intentions (see Curriculum page).


Art and design knowledge and understanding are developed specifically through designing, making and evaluating using:

  • Using a range of materials to express their ideas in two and three dimensions;
  • Improving mastery of art and design techniques;
  • Reflecting upon their work and ideas;
  • Learning about great artists, architects and designers in history.


Enrichment activities aimed at ‘Inspiring ambition’ include:

  • Exploring cultures through the Arts - Ambitious Art Exhibition
  • Christmas Decorations Day
  • Local art projects e.g. WGC photographic competition, Shredded Wheat graffiti project, NADFAS mosaic project.
  • Peartrait Art Gallery

Our finished mosaic

See below for a selection of creative work undertaken by Peartree children.

Enriching creativity at Peartree