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This week is the beginning of organising the Home Learning slightly differently. These new activities are to support the children's personal, social and emotional needs. Lots of these activities will encourage conversations, explore emotions and hopefully help them learn and have fun. This week we are exploring artists so lots of opportunities to be creative. Click on the pdf link below and use the links of the document to find some guidance on activities. Any extra resources that might be helpful have been added to the stars below. the activities are linked to specific stories and you can find videos of Peartree staff reading the stories here


These activities are designed to be more creative and can interpreted to fit in with what works best for you at home. A printable pack will be available next week with more worksheets style home learning but do please try and have a go at some of the below tasks. Add anything you do to tapestry or if you cannot access your account send it to email. I will also add an observation to tapestry that you can comment on if you have any questions or need any support. Thank you all of those already sending in work weekly and keep it up you are doing great!!


I cannot wait to see what you produce! laugh