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Welcome to Ash Class


The adults working in Ash Class are Mrs Proud (class teacher), Mr Davies and Mrs O'Donoghue (teaching assitant). Mrs Squires is currently on maternity leave. Together, as a team, we aim to set high expectations and learning outcomes for all of the children in Ash Class.  On a daily basis we teach English and Maths, in which we strive to make learning as fun as possible!


Ash Class are a hard working class!  Here is an overview of some of our learning.

Home Learning

Home learning is currently given out on a Wednesday and expected back in on a Monday.  There are spellings to learn each week, plus either a Topic or Maths task to be completed on alternate weeks. 






Our Talk for Writing story this term was 'The Story of Icarus'. As a perfect link to our topic, we learnt the Greek myth of Icarus. He was determined to escape imprisonment by King Minos so he and his father set out to make a magnificent pair of wings. Unfortunately, Icarus in his excitement flew too close to the sun and eventually crashed into the sea...  


We collaborated with Year 4 to make a set of wings from individually decorated paper feathers, learnt the text by heart and with actions, and understood how to use conjunctions effectively. 


To practise our writing skills we wrote diary entries, innovated a new story of what happened after Icarus fell into the sea and then invented our own stories. 






We have been learning A LOT about fractions! We learned to find fractions of shapes and quantities, find fraction complements of 1 and even learnt to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Some of us deepened our understanding of fractions further by solving puzzles and exploring word problems. 


We also worked on multiplying: some of us worked on our times tables while others moved onto short multiplication methods.


We soon realised that the key to learning both these topics this term was to KNOW OUR TIMES TABLES BY HEART! 



Here are some times tables rock songs to help you practise!

02 Two.wma

05 Five.wma

10 Ten.wma


Our Science topic was to discover why Icarus' wings were affected when he flew too close to the sun. We learned about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and how these states of matter change when they are heated or cooled. Using this knowledge and the results from flying paper aeroplanes, gliders and helicopters, we were then able to design a new and improved set of wings for Icarus.



Our topic, Gods and Mortals, allowed us to learn much about Ancient Greece. We decorated Greek vases, mapped out cities and states of ancient and modern Greece, designed metal ware for a chosen god or goddess and even dressed up as Greeks for the day!