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Centre of Excellence for Inclusion

Peartree Primary School is delighted to have been awarded 'Centre of Excellence' for Inclusion.

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We were assessed in November 2017. We have picked out some of the highlights from the report below.


'Peartree Primary School is a welcoming and happy school that prides itself on its inclusive practice and nurturing ethos.'


'Staff care about the well-being of pupils here and their actions often go beyond their responsibilities as a school.'


'Staff are proud of the inclusive nature of the school's work and of their achievements with complex pupils with vulnerabilities. They feel equipped to deal with the challenges of their roles as training and support is provided. One parent said, 'The word can't doesn't exist for my daughter and it's the same for her school.''


'The most impressive aspect of the school's work that I came across on my visit was the welcome they give pupils and their families who have failed in schools elsewhere and their commitment to providing these pupils with the best education they can, even if it is only for a short time. Staff build strong links with parents of these pupils and review strategies regularly for maximum success.'


'The governing body shares the Headteacher's vision and values, and is invested in the school's inclusive ethos.'