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Our Computing Leader is Miss Chandarana.

Over the last few years, computing has been commonly known in schools as ICT (Information and communication technology). Within the early stages of computing children explore how to operate basic equipment, understand how technology works and use basic computer programmes. They explore programming toys to a set of instructions and watching how it works, finding out if something went wrong and fixing it, as well as exploring ways of using technology across the curriculum. As the children get older they start to use computing language and ideas in many subject areas, especially maths. They are taught vital skills that they can apply to a variety of programmes; they will make animations and discover how programming works at a higher level.


All children are taught about the internet and how they should keep safe online. We take e-safety very seriously and it is embedded throughout our curriculum. Aspects  include knowing how to use the internet safely, understanding how to keep personal data private and being respectful to each other when online.  Children learn what they should do if they come across something about which they are uncomfortable.

Is there anything a computer can not do?

Is there anything a computer can not do? 1