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Design and Technology

‘Design is a funny word. Some people think that design is how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s how it really works.’

Steve Jobs

Our Design and Technology Leader is Cherry Pegrum.

We are engineers. We are architects. We are chefs.


A designer/engineer/chef plans and makes different products by researching, analysing, designing, testing and making things for a particular audience in mind.


This aligns with the H of our curriculum intentions (see Curriculum page).


Design technology knowledge and understanding are developed specifically through designing, making and evaluating using:

  • textiles;
  • electrical and mechanical components;
  • stiff and flexible sheet materials;
  • mouldable materials;
  • cooking and nutrition.


Enrichment activities aimed at ‘Inspiring ambition’ include:

  • Annual STEM Week
  • Links with local businesses - exposure to a range of STEM careers and opportunities
  • Making things for people within the school/community (e.g. lanterns for the Centenary Parade)
  • Study local designers/engineers

Enriching learning about technology at Peartree