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"Reading in general and phonics in particular (the link between letters and the sounds they make) are taught well. Staff reinforce the use of phonics in other subjects. All staff teach and then practise the same method with pupils, which enhances their understanding. Other reading skills, such as inference, as also taught effectively."

February 2016, Peartree Primary School Ofsted Report

Our Phonics and Reading Leader is Clare Herbert.

Our Writing and Spelling Leader is Alanna Lyons.

We are readers. We are story tellers. We are authors. 


The National Curriculum for English divides the subject up into the following areas: 

  • Spoken language: speaking, listening & responding; 
  • Reading: word reading & comprehension; 
  • Writing: transcription: spelling and handwriting;
  • Writing: composition;
  • Writing: vocabulary, grammar & punctuation. 


In English teaching, we pitch to age related expectations (ARE), differentiating to meet pupils’ needs. In EYFS, Literacy is one of the specific areas of learning, which is underpinned by the prime area of Communication and Language.