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‘Geography explains the past, illuminates the present, and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?’

Michael Palin, President of the Royal Geographical Society

Our Geography Leader is Katie Carter.

Our Forest Schools Leader is Debbie Phillips.

We are geologists. We are explorers. We are ecologists.


A geographer studies physical and human differences in relation to the places, objects and materials in the world around them. Geographers develop an awareness and understanding of distant places and environments and an appreciation of other peoples and cultures. This encourages our pupils to develop a respect for diversity and recognises the need for a just and equitable society. Geography helps our pupils to develop attitudes and form opinions about current issues, appreciate tensions and uncertainties and consider the future of their world and its people.


This aligns with the D, O and W of our curriculum intentions (see Curriculum page).


Geographical knowledge and understanding are developed specifically through:

  • developing locational and place knowledge;
  • describing and understanding human and physical geography.


Geographical skills and fieldwork are developed specifically through:

  • using maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping;
  • using a compass, grid references, symbols and keys;
  • observing, measuring, recording and presenting, including sketching maps, plans and graphs.


Enrichment activities aimed at ‘Inspiring ambition’ include:

  • Around the World Day
  • Weekly current affairs assemblies, bringing news events in to the classroom
  • Welwyn Garden City Centenary and local building developments which impact Peartree
  • Offsite visits (e.g. Cuffley Camp residential)
Enriching geography at Peartree