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Governor Strategy

Governor Strategy 2019/20

As Governors we reviewed our effectiveness in the summer of 2019 against ’20 questions’ produced by the National Governors Association. Our of this process, we identified four strategic foci for the next academic year.



What will the IMPACT be?

How will we MONITOR?


Focus 1: An effective full governing body with range of skills



Maintain a full governing body with clear roles and responsibilities

We will have a full governing body enabling us to share the work load and be effective in holding the school to account

FGB- item on agenda

Responsibilities list on GovHub – updated last Oct 19

School visits on GovHub

Updated regularly


Helpful induction process for new governors

New governors brought up to speed quickly through training, mentoring, and clear information training.

SC – as per new governor

Governors assigned to new governors


Completed Skills Audit

We will understand our strengths and weaknesses better in order to recruit effectively in the future

FGB - All governors by Jan


A plan in place for summer term when Chair of Governors is away

The impact of governors won’t drop over the summer term and we’ll be ready for 2020/21

SC and DF (vice) – by Jan



Updating our ‘Ofsted ready’ plans each term to show impact

We will be able to give a good account of our impact to Ofsted

All governors to record their impact on GovHub and SC to update strategic plan before every FGB.


Maintain a pattern of meetings enabled by effective clerking


We will be prepared for each meeting, having agenda and papers ahead of time

Each meeting effectively clerked - LA


Regular and effective school visits following ‘monitoring schedule’

Each Governor to do at least one visit per term, meaning we will have a good knowledge of the school and be able to see impact on pupils.

Feedback to FGB meeting– regular item at meetings

School visits on GovHub.

Discussions at FGB minuted

To receive ongoing training, especially linked to being Ofsted ready


We will be able to give a good account of our impact to Ofsted

Arranged for 14th October by CC

Completed – next step is to take recommendations forward in order to be ready

To develop a clear vision for the school with the Headteacher


We will have clarity about the long term aim of the school

By July 2020


Support Safeguarding Governor in getting up to speed on good practice

Governors understand the safeguarding issues facing the school and what good practice is

CG, SW, CC to work on in Autumn term

CG, SW, CC met on 2nd Oct to check single central record and

Focus 2: To Ensure the school’s progress against main priorities from Raising Achievement Plan (RAP)


Priority 1. To Improve our curriculum

Governors will see a cohesive curriculum, with clarity around the intension, implementation, and impact.

Written outcomes improved across the curriculum

Improvement of communication and language across the curriculum.

All governor engagement with RAP

Presentations at SIC

Subject leader SEFs and Governor Visits

Topic books

 Attendance at Standards meeting to understand KS2 data for 2019.

Priority 2. To further improve impact across the core curriculum by accelerating progress

Governors will see an improvement in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science outcomes, and accelerated progress in Upper KS2 in preparation for SATs

Data discussed at SIC

Presentations at SIC by MLT

Monitoring by BS (Eng) and LGW (Maths), PB (Science).

Heads report to FGB

Reading presentation at SIC (16.10.19)

Governor visits

Priority 3. To enhance self-evaluation, particularly in light of the new Ofsted Framework

Governors will see a collaborative self-evaluation of all stakeholders, a robust evidence base for personal development, and a review of staff well-being and workload



Heads report to FGB

SEF evaluation of the RAP

Monitoring of personal development at SIC
Monitoring at Resources


Action group meetings every other month

Support from outside of school to help our unique challenges enabling the raising of achievement.

SC to attend with other governors

 Meeting on 22.10.19

To ensure effective use of Pupil Premium money


Children are given additional support they need in order to thrive.

Both committees at each meeting

SIC meeting 16.10

Focus 3: Growth and development of school


Set up ‘new building’ committee ready for decisions



We will be ready for HCC decisions that impact the school.

FGB – ready by January

Group in place and ready to convene when we know more from HCC

Ensuring current building is fit for purpose


Current building will be a positive and safe environment for learning

Discussion at Resources committee

Resources committee goal – discussed 9.10.19

Increase Pupil numbers and intake each year

Classes will be full and income at a level that matches our outgoings.


Discussion at Resources and FGB


Monitor attendance so that school stays at Government standard level


Attendance will be at national average.

Presentations at Resources by Office Manager

Monitoring by DF

RC minutes – 09.10.19

DF school visit 14.10


Succession planning ensuring staffing of SLT


School will have right leaders as we prepare for growth

Resources and FGB

RC minutes – 09.10.19

Focus 4: Good communication with parents, staff, and pupils


Regular communication with parents in order to understand their views and communicate what Governors are doing

Clear communication of governor involvement in school and capturing of Parents views


Present at Parent consultation evenings and assemblies

Letter to parent at start of term

FoP connection.

Governor attendance at Open evening

Parent View from Oct 21st and 23rd

Regular communication with staff in order to understand their views


A positive connection with staff and understanding of views


Resources – staff survey in Autumn term


Governors conduct exit interviews of leaving staff


Governors have a good knowledge of school from leaving staff

Chair and others

SC – one conducted on 08.10.19

Capturing pupil voice wherever possible


Governors know views of pupils

All governors – school visits


Effective use of website

Parents, staff, and the community will see who we are, our objectives for the year, and select school visits.

CCW – ongoing updating

Yearly audit of whole website.

Last updated 08.10.19


Engaging Local community


The school has a good reputation in WGC.

FoP Governor