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Governor Strategy

Governor Strategy 2018/19

As Governors we reviewed our effectiveness in the summer of 2018 against ’20 questions’ produced by the National Governors Association. Our of this process, we identified four strategic foci for the next academic year.



What will the IMPACT be?

How will we MONITOR?

Focus 1: An effective full governing body with range of skills


Recruit 4 new governors including parents

We will have a full governing body

FGB – in place by Jan

Strong induction process with ‘buddy’ system

New governors brought up to speed quickly

SC – as per new governor

Succession planning for next three years

FGB will always be full, and responsibilities shared

SC – by January

Having an ‘Ofsted ready’ plan

We will be able to give a good account of our impact to Ofsted

SC – by November

Clarify roles and responsibilities of each governor

Each governor knows what is expected of them

FGB – by September

Consistent clerking for whole year

Our effective governing will be evidenced in minutes

FGB – by September

Regular and effective school visits following ‘monitoring schedule’ adding in ‘pupil, staff, and parent voice’ onto visit form.

We will have a good knowledge of the school and be able to see impact on pupils

FGB – regular item at meetings

Peartree specific data cluster training


Understanding of school data

SC to organise by Feb

Focus 2: To Ensure the school’s progress against main priorities from Raising Achievement Plan (RAP)


Allocate RAP priorities to each committee

We will see:

1. An increase in leadership at all levels, 2. Learning focused towards age-related expectations

3. Robust assessment of core curriculum,

4. Improved speech and language provision


Regular item on FGB and SIC agendas

Focus on impact of teaching on pupil learning in reading, writing and maths

Raising the achievement levels of pupils

Presentations at SIC by MLT. Monitoring by BS (Eng), and DF (Maths)

Action group meetings every other month

Support from outside of school to help our unique challenges enabling the raising of achievement.

SC to attend with CH and CB

Meeting subject leads in committees


School kept accountable on RAP objectives

Presentations at SIC

Focus 3: Growth and development of school



Set up ‘new building’ committee ready for decisions

We will be ready for HCC decisions that impact the school.

FGB – ready by January

Ensuring current building is fit for purpose

Current building will be a positive and safe environment for learning

Discussion at Resources committee

Increase Pupil numbers and intake each year

Classes will be full and income at a level that matches our outgoings.


Discussion at Resources and FGB

Increase attendance of pupils


Attendance will be at national average.

Presentations at Resources by Office Manager

Monitoring by DF

Focus 4: Internal and External Communication



Regular communication with parents

Clear communication of governor involvement in school


Present at Parent consultation evenings and assemblies

Letter to parent at start of term

Regular communication with staff


Termly letter to staff making them feel appreciated.



Effective use of website

Parents, staff, and the community will see who we are, our objectives for the year, and select school visits.

CCW and SC – ongoig updating.

Governor newsletter each month

Clear communication of governor involvement in school


SC to produce once a term

Engaging Local community


The school has a good reputation in WGC.

SC to meet with KKD and make recommendations.