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Writing across the curriculum

 ‘English education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’

William Butler Yeats

Mapping and application of writing skills

Our Writing Long Term Plan maps fiction, non-fiction and poetry progression and sequencing across year groups. It specifies the genre and patterns taught, alongside suggested texts to be used as stimuli. Text foci are plotted linking to composition, grammar and punctuation foci which are specific to each year group.


Writing skills are taught, through modelling and scaffolding, in writing lessons. These skills are then applied by pupils in writing in other curriculum areas. Each week, pupils complete one written outcome, which is presented in a writing portfolio. This is expected to be the same standard as their written work in English. These written outcomes build upon the skills taught in English (denoted by a ‘road sign’ sticker) and the knowledge and skills taught in other curriculum areas (denoted by a curriculum sticker and ‘WALT’). The writing roadmap below charts the progression of text types as pupils move through the school.


This writing portfolio belongs to the pupil and is not marked by the teacher. Pupils are encouraged to develop a growth mindset, welcome oral feedback and produce their best work. On a fortnightly basis teachers meet with pupils to have a writing conference. This is an opportunity to discuss with each pupil what they have done well and how their writing could be improved; it provides an opportunity for pupils to be supported in acting up immediate, specific feedback.