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'Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.’

Robert F Kennedy

Our History Leader is Katie Carter.

We are archaeologists. We are researchers. We are story tellers.


A historian studies the past through analysing evidence. They use the interpretation of this evidence to help them understand why things happened and identify the consequences on history.  Historians develop awareness and understanding of how peoples’ and communities’ actions affect others. This encourages respect for diversity and recognises the need for a just and equitable society.


This aligns with the and W of our curriculum intentions (see Curriculum page).


Historical knowledge and understanding are developed specifically through:

  • looking at how events and people fit into the chronology of time;
  • analysing a range of evidence to find the answer to an enquiry question; 
  • interpreting and evaluating the evidence to draw out what we think we know and question it for bias;
  • thinking about how history has changed how we live today;
  • communicating what we have learnt in a variety of ways.


Historical skills are developed specifically through:

  • Interpreting and evaluating evidence.
  • Ordering artefacts/people/places/evidence in chronological order.
  • Communicating knowledge and understanding.
  • Recognising how history has changed the world into what it is today.


Enrichment activities aimed at ‘Inspiring ambition’ include:

  • Awareness of their own cultural heritage, including British, local and world history. This includes engendering a pride in the diverse population that Peartree services.
  • Celebrating special days of historical significance.
  • Weekly current affairs assemblies, bringing news events in to the classroom.
  • Welwyn Garden City Centenary and talks from local people.
  • Offsite visits (e.g. local historical sites and museums).
Enriching history at Peartree