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History and Geography

Our Geography and Forest Schools Leader is Gemma Kibble.

Our History Leader is Katie Carter.


We teach both history and geography through our creative curriculum, in which we link as many subjects as we can through a generic ‘theme’. Through this theme we can develop a variety of interconnected skills.

In history pupils learn to find out about the past by looking at evidence, researching and considering informed opinions using original sources. We endeavour to bring history to life and to instil a desire to find out about our predecessors. 


In geography pupils learn to use maps, atlases, globes, compasses and thermometers. We endeavour to extend pupils' interest, knowledge and understanding of people and places both near and far, and to carry out investigations both locally and at a distance. We encourage pupils  to think deeply about the environment in which they live and the scarce resources that the Earth provides and upon which all life depends.


To help deliver both areas, we organise a number of visits to sites of interest, encourage special events within school and have a wide range of historical artefacts. 

Year 1 - Local History with HCC Archives