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A new learning platform has been introduced to the children - Purple Mash provides a range of curriculum based resources for the children to engage with and enjoy.


Where possible, Purple Mash will be used to set the Year 6 homework as it provides a non-contact method for the children to continue their learning from school at home.


Homework will go out on Monday and is due on the Friday.




Children should read at home, regularly. Discuss the book they are reading by asking about the vocabulary, plot and characters. I have attached possible questions that you could ask. Your child may also want to read other texts such as newspapers, comics or e-books. A reading session could be about 10 - 15 minutes.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

The children will have SPaG work set each week on Purple Mash. It will link to what is currently being covered in class or act as revision from prior teaching.



Maths and Times tables

Most of the maths homework will be set using Purple Mash. Occasionally, your child will bring home a maths sheet to complete. In both instances, I will provide children with a work book they can use to jot their workings or present their work.


The children are also encouraged to continue playing TimesTables Rockstars, to improve their multiplication fluency and speed.