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Burps, Bottoms and Bile

 Topic Home Learning


This term all your topic home learning will be based on ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’. Fortnightly you can choose one piece of home learning to complete. The hand in dates are detailed below. Please do not bring your completed work into school. Please email your work to and we will respond via Marvellous Me. (We will be introducing a new online homework program soon)

Remember to ask your teacher if you are not sure what to do! J


Task 1

Science – Drop grubby copper coins into a variety of different liquids of your choice i.e tomato sauce, milk, fizzy drink. Record which has the best cleaning power and why.


Task 2

Maths – Measure different parts of your body in centimetres. (Arms, legs, thigh, face etc) Then convert into millimetres. 


Task 3

Food – Challenge yourself to cook and eat a meal that you have never tried before. Explain what you liked/didn’t like about the meal. Explain the texture and taste. You could include pictures of you trying the food.


Task 4

Maths – Create a recipe for a healthy meal for your family. You must create a meal for under £7. Find out the prices for each of the ingredients. Present how you wish.


Task 5

Research – Ask you family whether they have any nasty habits (like biting their nails or sucking their thumb). Record some tips to help your family give up their habits


Hand in dates:

Monday 14th September

Monday 28th September

Monday 12th October