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Have a go at playing snakes and ladders. If you do not have this game, can you make your own. Below is a template of a 100 square that you could add some snakes and ladders on. 

Maths - Week beginning 30th March 


In school, we had been learning about statistics and representing information using bar charts, tally charts and pictograms. We can use the information to answer questions.


Create your own charts to show the answer to a question, such as;


Which is your favourite colour?

Which is your favourite animal?


You can draw your own tally chart, pictogram or bar chart using a pencil, colour pencil or even chalk in the garden. Remember to add a title, labels and a key. 


Or you could create a bar chart online -


For additional activities -

Times tables

We have been busy learning our times table this year. Remember to log into Times table Rockstars and you can sing along to your 3's and 4's.

CLIC tests

In order to access your child's CLIC test please click the link below: