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Activity 1-Long multiplication

Please open the document below to find an example showing long multiplication. There are questions to complete after too. 

Activity 2-Short multiplication

Please watch the link below about short multiplication and then answer the questions in the document. 

Activity 3-Challenge!

If you feel confident with short and long multiplication please answer the following questions:


 180 ÷ 5
 132 ÷ □ = 4
 What’s the same and what’s different? 486 ÷ 9 and 48 ÷ 9
 What do you notice when you solve 86 ÷ 9 using the long division method?
 List the base facts used when dividing 508 by 6 and 477 by 6.
 Create a division calculation in which the base fact 5 x 7 would be needed to solve it.
 At a school fair, James puts 875 lollies into 5 boxes ready to sell. How many lollies are in each box?



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