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Good morning all,
This week we are going to be looking at number lines, what they are, how we can use them and using them to work out one more/less moving to addition and subtraction in subsequent weeks. I have also included some additional activities based around symmetry, patterns if you complete the number line work.
Thank you kindly,
Miss Watt


-Introduce number lines, have a look at the number lines provided how can we use them to help us? 

When we are counting on the frog jumps forward one number, and jumps back one number when we count back a number. -Practise counting on/back with the number lines. -Work through the first activity sheet, what is one more/less than a given number? -Work through using the number lines to work out the addition sums, if you are feeling ambitious move onto the second sheet or create a number sentence for your friend/adult to solve with a number line!