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Modern Foreign Languages - French

‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.’

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our MFL Leader is Chris Bresler

We are linguists. We are world citizens. We are travellers.


The study of languages prepares our pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world, in which communications are increasingly carried out in languages other than English. Peartree pupils need to be able to access ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures to deepen their understanding of the world. Increased capability to communicate in  MFL promotes initiative and independent learning and encourages diversity within society. Pupils develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning. They develop linguistic competence, extend their knowledge of how language works and explore differences and similarities between a foreign language and English.


Throughout Key Stage 2 we teach French once a week. We focus primarily on the use of spoken French, however the children learn to apply their reading, listening and written skills to reinforce their learning. This will prepare them well for their language experiences at secondary school and enable them to appreciate the diversity of language spoken not only throughout their community but throughout the world. We also look at the culture of France and other French speaking countries to develop their understanding of the people and their social conventions.


This aligns with the and W of our curriculum intentions (see Curriculum page).


French knowledge and understanding are developed specifically through:

  • practising the correct pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences;
  • asking and answering questions; 
  • memorising vocabulary and using bi-lingual dictionaries;
  • learning about different cultures and traditions;
  • communicating with other people.


Enrichment activities aimed at ‘Inspiring ambition’ include:

  • Around the World Day;
  • French Cafe with pupils serving French cuisine;
  • Linguistically and culturally diverse displays to celebrate Peartree's many languages.