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**** New 01/04/20 ***


You can now quiz from home! Follow the link to log in and get quizzing just like you do at school:


If you are running out of books to read, follow the link to this website. It has lots of books for you to read online:


At the top of our class page is a link to our new class blog. Please comment and keep in touch!


Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Fitzpatrick




Dear Oak Class,


Mrs. Fitzpatrick and I hope that you are all well and are adapting to being at home, rather than at school all day. Don't worry, before you know it this will all be over and we will all be back at Peartree; for now the most important thing is that you and your families take care of each other. Make the most of the time you have at home by spending precious time with your families, having some time to yourself if you need it, practising all of the skills that you have learnt this year (there are many) and reading lots! 


Below, there are plenty of links to websites that will help you to learn, as well as some activities linked to our topic: Darwin's Delights. You also took home a pack that had been prepared for you last Friday, so I know that you have lots of things to keep you busy this week, plus we are all adapting to being at home all of the time.


In the next few days, we will be setting some new tasks for you on this page. There will always be our message, then some tasks, that we will update each week for you.


Outside the sun is shining today, so ensure that you are getting some fresh air with your adults if you can. Learn some new skills by helping your adults with tasks, tidy your rooms, fold the laundry, help with the washing-up or drying (I always preferred washing ).


Take care, look after each other and keep smiling. We will speak to you soon.


Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Y5 maths and writing

Year 5 spelling word mat

Year 5 Music -Yellow Submarine


Suggested resources for maths: KS2 EYFS, KS1, kS2 KS1 and KS2 EYFS and KS1 KS1 and KS2


Suggested resources for reading


Suggested resources for English EYFS, KS1 and KS2  KS1 and KS2

CLIC tests


In order to access your child's CLIC test, please click the link below: