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Good morning,
This week we are going to look at belonging and the different areas to which we may belong.
Let us know how you get on!
Miss Watt



-Listen to 'Same Difference' by Calida Rawles   

-Work your way through the discussion cards, How are you the same/different to your adult/friend? -Why is it not nice to be mean to someone if they are different to you? -How do we be a good friend if we see someone being mean to a classmate? What can we do?

-Create a bubble badge/crest, have a look at other family crests, what do they have on it? What is your family name/school name?

-How can you be kind? Talk to your friends/adults, what would they like help with? How could you help people outside of school? How does being kind make you feel?

-Circle time-where do I belong? Family, school, clubs etc…

Same Difference (A Children's Book Story by Calida Rawles) - Official Video

You can purchase this book by going to