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Re-opening planning

Gavin Williamson wrote to all headteachers on 22nd February. He said of the government plan to fully reopen schools, 


"I know you are completely aware that missing face-to-face education has severe impacts for children and young people, with clear evidence that time out of face-to-face education is detrimental for cognitive and academic development, learning, health and wellbeing. That’s why the Government has been clear that restricting attendance in education settings was a last resort, and why education is being prioritised as we begin to ease restrictions.


I am very pleased that we are able to return children and young people across England to their classrooms and colleges, to allow them to spend time with their friends and teachers and get back into the rhythms of the school or college year. I would like to thank you again for all the hard work you have done and continue to do to ensure that children and young people can return to face-to-face learning as smoothly as possible."



From June, we successfully welcomed back 56% of our school across ten bubbles. In September, we welcomed back all pupils, introducing a system of controls such as a one-way system and staggered start and finish times. During the third national lockdown, we worked with our families to develop our remote provision, while also remaining open to almost 35% of our school who are classed as critical workers or vulnerable families. We provided learning for all pupils using Purple Mash (years 3-6) and Tapestry (Reception to year 2) and were pleased to achieve over 80% engagement every week.


From 8th March, we will welcome back all children to Peartree. In order to keep our children, staff and families safer, we will be implementing the measures set out in our latest risk assessment (found below). 

The risk assessment will continue to be updated regularly. 


This information is shared because at Peartree we are honest, we co-operate and we persevere.



Peartree COVID-19 Risk Assessment - March 2021 - full reopening

Letter to parents/carers regarding full reopening: 26th February 2021

We have adapted our behaviour policy in light of social distancing considerations. This should be read with the home school agreement.