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Safe Community

This page is keeping children safe in every way within our community, and helping them to learn about how they can keep themselves safe.


Road safety

We encourage all children and staff to consider their means of travel to school. This will include walking, car sharing and the use of public transport.  Children may scooter or cycle to school but parent/carers must teach them how to use the roads safely. Parents/carers are asked to be considerate of others when bringing their child to school by car and park  where they  will  not  be  causing  a problem  to  pedestrians,  residents  or  other drivers.  

Water safety

We live Stanborough Lakes and there are also several streams locally. We are also lucky enough to have Hatfield Swimming Pool close by. In the summer, you may take a day trip to the coast. As part of school swimming lessons, we teach water safety.

Rail safety

Our school is close to the mainline for London Kings Cross. You should never go on train tracks as it is very dangerous. We teach rail safety in school but it essential that parents/carers reiterate this at home.

Community support for Young People

Information is available about local community safety support services aimed at young people.

Safer parenting

More information is available through the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Schools Partnership. This page can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Safety in the home

Below are some helpful links offering advice on safety in your home.