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Safe Online

This page offers advice when children are using electronic devises both in and outside of school. At Peartree Primary School we take e-safety very seriously.


Image consent

Peartree Primary School uses images of children, both on our website and in press releases. However parents/carers are given the option at intake to refuse use of their child's image. Parents/carers can change their preferences at anytime, by requesting a consent form from the office. For more information, see our Data Protection Policy.


E-Safety in school

Children should be encouraged to use the internet, but at all times in a safe way. We try our best in school to ensure pupils are never left unattended whilst online and teachers should ensure that this does not happen. If any adult or child suspects misuse, either by a teacher or child, the issue must be reported to the head teacher without delay. Our Network Administrator has overall responsibility for internet safety. For more information, see our On-line Policy.


E-Safety out of school

Below you will find some useful links which will help to keep you well informed and hopefully better able to keep your children safe.