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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

"Daily sessions have increased pupils’ skills in spelling. Teachers regularly check spelling when marking writing in any subject". 

February 2016, Ofsted

Our Spelling Leader is Alanna Lyons.

Transcription: spelling

In the EYFS and Year 1 pupils are taught spelling as part of their daily phonics lesson. Pupils are assessed and taught in mixed age groups according to their phonic phase (see phonics section). Pupils are encouraged to use their phonic skills in attempting spellings.


Many high frequency words are irregular and are learnt off-by-heart. We call this red words. Each week there is a warning word, which the whole school learn to spell off-by-heart. This is a word that is frequently spelt wrongly in pupils’ writing.


From Year 2 onwards, spelling is taught daily, using a range of materials, including Read Write Inc. Pupils have access to word mats and the Complex Speed Sounds chart (RWI) is displayed in all classrooms. Spelling is regularly assessed and where needed, teachers track back. Pupils are encouraged to learn to spell by trying and applying conventions. Outside of spelling lessons, pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge of spelling to write clearly, accurately and confidently.

Grammar and punctuation

As you will no doubt be aware, grammar and punctuation have increasing prominence in the primary curriculum. Children are tested on these skills at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Developing these skills are key actions from our Ofsted inspection.