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USA Road Trip

The day has finally arrived!


We are off on our school trip today. We will be travelling all the way to America and visiting New York City, the Grand Canyon and taking a detour to Mexico before heading home. So make sure you have your bag packed and off we go,


First stop is the airport to board the plane. 

This is your captain speaking

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In-flight activities

It's a long journey travelling from London to New York City so why not look at the in-flight shop and choose some things to buy.


I would like to buy 1 Star Wars watch, 2 unicorn tangle teezers and the lip balm. How much would that cost altogether? 

I have £50. How much more do I need?

I want to buy three objects that are under £100. Which three objects could I buy?


In-flight food

Now we are sure you'll agree, it's time to feed all the passengers. They're hungry! Can you create a main meal for this flight? Remember to use the healthy eating plate so that you have a range of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates! If you have time, make the meal with an adult

We've landed: our destination is New York City

We have finally arrived in the "Big Apple." You might be feeling a little bit tired from the 'jet lag'. Did you know there's a time difference between the UK and USA? Perhaps you can find out how much it is/


To get a better view we're going to climb the top of a very famous building called the Empire State Building. Let's go.

Next stop: Arizona

Grand Cayon

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Use the information you have found out to complete the comparison activity below.

Off to Mexico and back in time

A Mayan Experience

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Before we board the plane back home, here are some ideas you can try;

  • Write a fact file about Mayan people, using the websites below to help you research more facts
  • Find out about Mayan masks and try designing your own
  • Have a go at Mayan football. How is it similar and different to the game we play today?


Useful websites 


It's time to head home now. We hope you've enjoyed our trip to the USA and Mexico and have learnt lots of interesting facts. Safe flight!