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USA - The Hidden Worlds of The National Parks

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Willow Class we are going to visit some 'Hidden Worlds of the National Parks' in the USA.  Please make sure you have been to the toilet before we leave, you have your packed lunch ready and that you don't walk too far away from your adult.


Click on the link below and explore the different places.  Move your mouse or screen in different directions and you will be able to look all around.  We have hired some experts to guide you around the places as well so make sure you have the sound on to listen to their facts.  There are some questions as well we'd like you to think about while you are in the USA.  


Also don't forget to send any work you are proud of to 

We will then do our best to showcase as much work as possible on this page after the trip.


We can't wait to explore with you!



Trip questions