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VE Day

VE Day - Reception


VE day is on the 8th May. It was a celebration to mark the end of World War Two, lots of people had street parties, went to dances and had a great time!


People celebrated VE day in 1945 in a number of ways. Below are a list of activities and work to chose from to learn about and help celebrate the day!


-Hold a 1940's dance party. Dress up in your best clothes, put some big band music on and have a dance, or if you are feeling ambitious, try and learn a genuine dance from the time!


-Ask your adult to help you use google to research and write 3 facts about VE day.


-Write a sentence pretending you are a child from 1945, how are you feeling? What are you doing to celebrate?


-Ask your adult to help you cook some 1940's food. Is it different to what we have now? Why?


-Play some party games!


-Draw, paint, or collage a picture from VE day. What would you need to include? Look at pictures of street parties to help you.


-Make a Spitfire! (paper aeroplane). What makes it go far and fast? Can you learn from your prototype and make improvements?

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