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92% of parents would recommend Peartree Primary School (Parentview, October 2017)


We just wanted to email to say how impressed we were with Peartree on our tour this morning. Year 6 were excellent hosts, such good representatives for the school.

It is clear from our initial walk round what a kind, calm and nurturing environment you have created. We look forward to our son joining in September 2020.

End of Year Report - a selection of comments - July '17


My daughter has made great of progress this year. She has started to speak English and she is learning to read and write, getting better and better. Thank you to all her teachers.  I am glad she can learn at Peartree.

Parent of a child in Year R


I would like to say thank you to all Year 1 staff for helping my daughter to settle. Thank you for welcoming her to Peartree.

Parent of a child in Year 1 


Thank you for providing our son with the tools and support, allowing him to reach his full potential.

Parents of a child in Year 2


She has really enjoyed being at school this year. She had made lots of friends and has started showing more confidence.  I am very proud of her. Thank you to all of the teachers.

Parent of a child in Year 3


I am pleased with my son's report. He had a tough start to the school year but with the school's support he has remained a happy, balanced child. He has had a great teacher and I am glad he gets his teacher again next year. I'm sure he will continue to grow.

Parent of a child in Year 4


I am really pleased with my daughter's progress. I really appreciate the support from his teachers for her education throughout the year. She enjoys her time in Peartree.

Parent of a child in Year 5


We are extremely pleased with the report. GREAT TEACHERS - friendly and approachable, and we overall feel very happy that our son has had a chance to learn here. He has made good progress due to the excellent teaching. We sincerely THANK YOU for all the guidance and support provided.

Parents of a child in Year 6


This is a fantastic school and I will always recommend.  Thank you for all the help and support you've given.

Parent comment



End of year reports - a selection of comments - July '16


Thank you for all your effort and hardwork. My son loves Peartree School and I know it's because of all the teachers and the way they work with kids.

Parent of child in Year 6


We are very pleased with this report. We also want to use this opportunity to thank the teachers and members of staff for their professionalism and the way our son was made to feel welcome. Our son has made a lot of improvement since joining Peartree School.

Parents of a child in Year R


I would like to say thank you to all the staff involved with my son for their hardwork and patience.

Parent of a child in Year 3


Thank you to all his teachers and head teacher for making his first year an enjoyable one. I am glad he is so enthusiastic about coming to school and learning. Thank you again for all your help and support. 

Parent of a child in Year R


We are really pleased with the progress our daughter has made at Peartree. We have seen her go from strength to strength and surprise us in many ways. Thank you to all the Peartree staff.

Parent comment


I know my daughter had a wobble over her phonics. I am so grateful you noticed and listened to me and helped, as she is so happy again now. She loves reading and trying to spell words. I know she loves school and that's down to all of you.

Parent comment


My daughter has had a fantastic year after a rocky start at the beginning. I'm extremely proud of everything she has achieved and the huge amount of fun she's had this year. She speaks fondly of every member of staff.

Parent comment


I am very pleased with the way my son has settled at Peartree. He has returned to a happy, polite child and is happy to come to school.

Parent comment



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