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W/C 11/5/20

Topic - Special Events

Good morning Rowan Class,

The topic for this week is special events that you might do with friends or family or celebrations that you might do with your community! Please find a list of work and activities below. If you take part in a celebration let us know and let us know why it is special to you!

Thank you kindly, 
Miss Watt


Activity Ideas 
-Draw a picture of a special celebration that you and your family take part in. Write a sentence about why it is special, eg 'This celebration is special because...' 
-Write a list of rules for someone coming to your celebration, what would they need to wear/bring? 
-Create an invitation to your event, make it as bright and colourful as possible! 
-Pick a celebration that you don't do, can you describe what happens? 
-Research family traditions both in your family and others, what are the similarities and differences?

Maths - Weight

Good morning Rowan Class,

The topic for this weeks maths lesson is weight. Please find a list of activities and work below. Let us know how you get on!

Thank you, 
Miss Watt


-Line up your toys from heaviest to lightest. 
-If you have access to a set of scales, how much more rice/pasta etc... do you have to add to weight the same as an apple/banana etc..? 
-Make a recipe, take note of the weights of the ingredients, why do you think you add more of one than the other? 
-Make a parachute and attach a heavy/light object, what worked and why?


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Talk for Writing - Letter to Grandma

Good morning all,

This week we are going to carry on learning the letter to grandma. We are going to concentrate on structure and letter writing. Write a letter to a relative and post it! Please find letter structure sheets and PowerPoints below. Let us know how you get on!

Thank you 
Miss Watt