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W/C 1/6/20

Summer Two - Mini Beasts

Good morning Rowan Class and welcome back to summer term, 
Our topic this term is Mini-Beasts, insects are super interesting and have lots of super cool abilities! For our 'wow' day we are going to take a virtual trip around the Natural History Museum, there are lots of things to see and some amazing digital exhibitions.

Topic - Spiders 

Good morning, 
This week we are going to look at spiders. Spiders are really interesting insects who can spin webs, eat bugs and much more! Please find a list of work, activities and videos below to do. If you come up with any other activities let us know! 
Thank you, 
Miss Watt


-Recruit your adults and siblings of you have them and use string, wool or ribbon to make and weave a spiders web (look back through Tapestry to see what happened when we tried this in class!) 
-Use junk modelling and make a spider. 
-Sing 'incy wincy spider'.

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Talk for Writing - Boy Who Cried Wolf

Good morning! 
The talk for writing story for the next week is the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'. We are going to concentrate on learning the story this week and getting familiar with the themes. Why is it important to tell the truth? Why did the villagers not believe the boy? Please find activities and videos below and don't forget to let us know how you are getting on! 
Thank you 
Miss Watt

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Maths - Measuring 


Good morning all! 
This week we will be looking at measuring in maths. Why do we need a ruler? How and why do we measure things? What units of measurement do we use? Please find a list of activities and useful video links below - let us know how you get on!


-Use an object (like a book, pencil or toy) who is the tallest person in your house? Swap objects, does the number change, why? Does a high number mean the person is taller? 
-Does age equal height? Line up the people in your house in age order - who is the tallest? 
-Measure an object in your home with your hands and write down the answer, ask one of your adults to do the same, do they get the same number as you? Why/why not? 
-If you have a ruler in your house take a look at it-what unit of measurement does it use? Are they all the same? 
-What is the tallest/shortest animal you can think of?