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W/C 20/4/20


This terms topic is celebration. This week we are introducing the topic, getting to grips with what 'celebration' means and how people around the world celebrate the same event in different ways! Please find a list of activities and work below. Please do not feel like you have to complete all activities and if you come up with something that is not on the list please let us know!

Thank you kindly, 
EYFS team


Activity Ideas 
-Draw a picture of a celebration (a birthday, christmas etc...) If you have access to an outside area collect sticks, leaves etc... to make a picture frame to go around the drawing! 
-Play a game of 'taboo' pick a celebration, children have to describe the celebration with out using the word, for example if they pick Easter, 'you get chocolate eggs and you might see lambs and chicks'. 
-Describe what happened on your last birthday, what was your favourite memory? Why did you have a good time? 
-'Wrap' an object to make a present! Why do you think people give presents on celebrations?

Maths - Positional Language

The topic for this weeks maths is positional language. This topic includes lots of lovely practical lesson ideas and helps develop language. Please find a list of activity ideas, work and useful links below, please do not feel like you have to complete every activity and if you come up with an activity not listed below please let us know! 
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Activity Ideas 
-Introduce positional language, can they hide a toy behind/on top etc... of an object? If they can, get them to hide the toy and describe where it is to you! 
-Create an 'obstacle' course, children navigate it by following positional language directions (ie: go over the cushion, and under the table etc...) 
-Quick draw flashcards, flash a positional language card, how quickly can they move their toy?

Talk for Writing - Gruffalo 

Our talk for writing story for the next fortnight is the Gruffalo! This week we are going to introduce the story, get used to the story structure and the characters and do some fun activities! Please find the story map and text as well as work and activities below. If you come up with any activities not listed please let us know! 
Thank you kindly, 

Activity Ideas 
-make some of the gruffalo recipes 
-go on a gruffalo hunt around your house, flat or garden! 
-role play as one of the characters and get someone to ask you questions. Why did you do that in the story? Why do you think you character says what's they say?

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

For my nephew Yari on his 2nd birthday. The Gruffalo is a modern classic written by the incomparable Julia Donaldson and beautifully illustrated by Axel Sche...