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W/C 27/4/20

Topic - Birthdays

Good morning Rowan class! 
The topic for this week is birthdays, how you celebrate yours, family traditions and how they are celebrated across the world. Please find a list of activities and work below. If you have any family traditions to do with birthdays, or come up with an activity not listed below please put a photo on Tapestry and let us know! 
Thank you kindly, 
Miss Watt


Activity Ideas 
-Phone up a grandparent/relative, how do they celebrate their birthdays? How did they celebrate when they were younger? Is it different to you or how they celebrate today? Write a list of similarities/differences. 
-Rainbow write the word birthday! 
-Create a birthday card 
-Write a birthday invitation 
-Use google to find out how birthdays are celebrated around the world!

Talk for Writing - Gruffalo 

Good morning Rowan Class! 
This week we are going to carry on learning all about the story of the Gruffalo! We are going to look at describing and recognising the characters in the story as well as completing a story mountain! (please find a blank story mountain and example attached). I would love to see any work that you do or any activities that you come up with! 
Thank you 
Miss Watt


Activity Ideas 
-Draw one of the characters in the story and label them (eg: Gruffalo-'prickles', 'teeth' etc...) 
-Write a sentence describing the character 'The Gruffalo/mouse/fox is...' 
-Complete the story mountain

Maths - Ordinal Numbers

Good Morning Rowan Class, 
We will be learning all about ordinal numbers this week for maths. Ordinal numbers are special and tell you the order things came in! Please find a range of activities, work and useful links below. If you come up with an activity not listed that works really well please let us know! 
Thank you, 
Miss Watt


Activity Ideas 
-have a race between your toys, who came first/second/third? 
-design a race track, who do you think will be first?-Were you right? 
-Design your own medals? What colour goes first/second/third?

Ordinal Numbers Song