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W/C 30/3/20

Home Learning


Hello Rowan Class! As a reminder we will be putting up work such as phonics books, craft ideas and topic work each week on Tapestry. Please find some activity ideas, worksheets and PowerPoints below.

Talk for Writing-Ugly Duckling


This week we are learning all about Farms. Investigate how farms work, how our food is grown and what animals you may find there!

Earthy Potatoes: how do potatoes grow?

Find out how potatoes start life underground before being picked for us to buy in the shops. For lots of great resources to accompany this video, and to watc...

Come Outside - Crisps

Auntie Mabel and Pippin visit The Golden Wonder Crisps factory, to see how crisps are made. Aunite Mabels favorite flaver is Cheese and Onion. ©BBC Entertain...

Maths - 3D shapes

This week in maths we are learning about 3D shapes. Go on a 3D hunt through your house, see how many cylinders, cubes etc... you can find!


Book Review

A lot of you are reading some super interesting books at home! Why not complete a book review and perhaps we can persuade Doctor Herbert to buy us some new books when we are back at school.

Easter Craft Ideas