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W/C 4/5/20

Topic - Special Events

Good morning Rowan Class,

This weeks topic is special events and celebrations in your own family and around the world. If you take part in any special events or celebrations in your family let us know! Please find a list of activities, work, and links below to select from. If you are interested in a celebration not listed below (I am sure I have missed some!) please let us know!

Thank you, 
Miss Watt


-chose a celebration that you and your family take part in. Draw/paint/collage a picture and write a sentence telling us about it, eg : 'In my family we...' 
-randomly select a country on google earth and research a celebration that takes part in that country, why is it special? Who takes part? 
-write a list of objects/food that you would need to celebrate Christmas, Holi, Eid, Birthday etc... 
-Describe a celebration you take part in to an 'Alien', what would they not understand?

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Talk for Writing - Letter to Grandma

We are doing a non-fiction 'Letter to Grandma' for the next two weeks. Red Riding Hood has written a letter to her Grandma warning her about wolf sightings! This week we are going to introduce and learn the letter and reinforce what a letter means. Please find a list of activities, work and useful links below.

Thank you, 
Miss Watt


-Read through the story text and map. Make up actions to help learn the story - makaton signs are a good resource. 
-What is a letter? Have a look through the powerpoint, what do you need to include in a letter? 
-Write a thank you letter to your adult, what are you grateful that they do? 
-Choose on of the Red Riding Hood experiments to do! 
-Write a list of people you might write a letter too, why do you need to write letters? 
-Role play Red Riding Hood reading out the letter, put on a show for your adults! 
-Design and make a wolf trap 
-Design a poster warning people about wolf sightings

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Story Map

Maths - Time

Good morning Rowan Class,

This weeks topic in maths is time. Please find a list of activities, work and links below. Let us know how you get on!


-Draw a comic book strip of a sequence of events, eg: getting ready for bed, making a sandwich, getting a bowl of cereal. 
-Jump, run, hop for a second, then fifteen seconds, then a minute - which seems longer? Why, how many more jumps can you do in a minute compared with fifteen seconds? 
-Look through the home learning activities, what have you learnt? 
-Sort activities out into morning and night - when do you put pyjamas on? When do you eat breakfast? 
-What is longer, a second, minute or hour? 
-Sing the days of the week song - challenge yourself, go pick a weekday and sing from there, what's the next day? 
-What time do we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner?

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