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Week 2



This week we have been learning to read and write words. Use the picture below to play I spy making sure you use the letters sounds not the letter names. Try and segment the words into sounds such as bus into b-u-s, then have a go at writing the word. 


For an extra challenge can they write the caption 'I spy a ...'

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

We have been using this song to learn to read and spell our tricky words.



In maths this week we have been rolling numbers and building them on the tens frame. This week I would like you to roll a dice and build that number, next can they build the number one less and one more. So if they roll a 5 they place 5 counters (you can use pasta, buttons, sweets, etc) on the tens frame, then can they add one more how many do they have now? Next time they roll the dice can they find one less than that number. 


If you do not have a dice at home here is an online one you can use.