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Summer 2019

The Scented Garden

This term has been all about our local environment and using our senses. We started off the topic trying different herbs and looking at the different plants and trees growing around the school. We learnt how to identify different trees and the functions of all the different parts of trees. In forest school we have been learning to use a saw and cut small discs for leaf pressing. 


In Design and Technology we made our own bath bombs, we chose different scents and colours for them and wrote out instructions on how to make them. 


We then went on whistle stop tour of the UK where we looked and human and physical features of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We learnt lots of interesting facts but the most popular were that their are more chickens than people in the UK and there is a monster that lives in Scotland Called Nessie. 


This term had a very exciting trip to Pizza Express where the children made their own pizzas and tasted different toppings from around the world. I am sure you can see from the pictures below some children did not like the olives! 


We also had a trip over to Stanborough Lakes that the children thoroughly enjoyed. They got to do some observational drawing of flowers and the lake and then had a play in the park before returning back to school.


Lastly the children had lots of fun with the instruments and learnt about rhythm and beats. They learnt to keep a steady rhythm and created their own tunes with different beats. 


What short but jam packed half term!



Spring 2019

Tunnels, Towers and Turrets


This term has all been about castles and buildings. We have been looking at castles both inside and outside, investigated how bridges are built and researched famous engineers and inventors. 


We started off the term building our own towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. This was very difficult but we worked in teams and all managed to build something taller than 15cm. The winning tower was nearly 30cms tall. 


We then learnt all about castles, finding out the different features of them and the jobs of the people inside. We then all applied for different jobs in the castle depending on the skills and interests we had. 


Finally we learnt all about bridges and how they are built. We researched Isambard Brunel who was a famous engineer and wrote a fact file about his life and achievements. We then thought about how we would build a bridge before planning the design after looking at different bridge structures. We then built the bridge and evaluated whether it was a success or not and why. 


Spring 2019- Happy New Year!


Bright Lights, Big City!


This term we have been learning all about London. We used laptops to research different landmarks in London and explored cutting and pasting them onto a word document. We found out that the Shard is the tallest building in London and that Big Ben gets its name from the bell that is inside. 


Next we have been using maps to locate the different countries within the United Kingdom and their capital cities. We then used maps of London to plan routes to different tourist attractions and landmarks. 


Finally we sent Beebots around the maps to visit these landmarks. Using the Beebots we learnt about programming and algorithms. 


To finish off this topic we had a history day were we learnt all about The Great Fire of London. We made houses that later were used in a demonstration by the local fire brigade. We learnt about Samuel Pepys and his famous diary and made scones in our very own bakery on Pudding Lane. 


We also had a go at making our own souvenir magnets see if you can guess which landmarks we have made. 

Autumn 2018

Mess, Muck and Mixture


This term we have been getting messy and exploring colour. We have enjoyed lots of art and bubbly experiments in science. 


First we made some firework pictures using four different types of media. We then looked at how colours can be mixed and created our own colour wheels. Using this new information we tried to mix colours to match the different shades of autumn leaves that were around the playground. 


After that we looked at the artist Carl Warmer who makes landscapes pictures out of food and used pictures of food to make our own versions. We had to make a plan first and then cut out the food to stick on top. 


Finally we investigated different ways to take our own landscape pictures and build different landscapes in the forest that we then photographed. We also used some drawing software to draw our own pictures experimenting with different colours and thickness of pens. 

Mess, Muck and Mixture

Autumn 2018

Dinosaur Planet!

We went on a hunt for dinosaurs in our woodland area and found scratches in the trees, giant footprints and a dinosaur egg. We made predictions about what kind of dinosaur might be inside some and children even created their own new species of dinosaur. 


We have learnt about Mary Anning who was a famous fossil hunter and created a fact file about her. We then researched and located where different fossils have been found around the world. In science we investigated the differences between human bones and dinosaur bones, and then named different parts of our body both inside and outside. 


Finally we made a stop motion animation of dinosaurs using the iPads. We had to keep the iPad very still, take lots of photos and only move the dinosaurs a little bit each time. 


We finished off the term by presenting all our fantastic work in our class assembly. For this we learnt a dinosaur song and played instruments. 



Dinosaur Planet!

Talk 4 Writing 

We learnt the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We then innovated the story by changing the animals and monster. The class story was about a red, spotty ladybird travelling over a leaf to get to the chocolate river but was stopped by an evil dinosaur. 


We then learnt about fact files using one about a Triceratops as our example text. We innovated these to create fact files of our own fictional dinosaurs. 

Welcome to Year 1

What an exciting year we have ahead of us! The adults in Year 1 are Miss Kibble (class teacher), Miss Barker (teaching assistant) and Miss Stevens (teaching assistant). 



We will give each child a reading book every week as well as two phonics books. All children are expected to read every night as this significantly helps with their fluency and comprehension. Please write in their reading record every time they read so we can change their reading book accordingly. 


Home Learning 

Home learning is given out on Wednesdays and expected to be returned the following Tuesday. Maths and English is given out weekly and topic based learning is given out half termly. Date for the return of topic based home learning will be in the home learning (purple) books. 


Keep an eye out on our page to see what we get up to this year!