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STEM Events

When celebrating World Maths Day all the children across the whole school took part in various maths activities around the school and in smaller key stage groups. 


Some of the comments from the children on the day.


"I didn't realised you could do maths outside. WOW!" (Year 2 child).


"Maths is so much fun. When I'm older I want to use maths in my job." (Year 6 child).


"I never knew maths was linked with so many other subjects including science and art. That's pretty cool." (Year 4 child). 

Gifted & Talented Event - Sherrardswood School - 14th March 2019


Four of our Year 5 & 6 children, attended the Gifted & Talented Maths events at Sherrardswood School and did amazingly well! They were all very polite, asking questions where needed and were a real credit to the school. 


There were around 15 schools attending, they were separated into groups, 2 from each school and placed on different tables. They were then given a number of GCSE maths questions that they had to work on in the teams. The worksheets were tough but the children did fantastically well in answering the questions.

Two of our children were on the winning table, getting a very impressive 10 out of 12 on the last worksheet. They won an Easter egg for all their efforts.

October 2019

We were lucky enough to have a LEGO workshop in to teach the children about engineering as well as pollution in the world.  The children had to invent something that would help to clean up the world.  There were some fantastic designs.


"My invention cleans the water of all rubbish." Year 3 child


"I made a happy house for people who are sad and want to meet people." Year 2 child