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The watchers

The watchers 1

Task 1 - Question time

Answer the questions below in full sentences.


Why are the crows gathering?

Who is the girl in the picture?

What is she carrying?

Where has it come from?

Why has she taken it?

What does it contain?

Who does it belong to?

How to the crows and the little girl feel?

Where is she going?

Who are the Watchers?

Was it fortune or ill-fate that brought the girl to the egg?

Are the Watchers good or evil?


Task 2 - Sick sentences


These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?


The girl ran. She carried the egg. The crows chased her. She felt scared.


Task 3 - Story starter

Finish the story using the starter below


The crows were gathering. The hunt was on…