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Year R

Play, practise and partnership

Your child and you are embarking on a wonderful journey through Peartree Primary School. Of course everyone is a bit anxious, but there is lots of exciting learning in store.  At Peartree we try to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone. We work closely with parents/carers, pre-schools, nurseries and childminders. Partnership is key.


The early years curriculum is very much about practical, hands-on learning. It can look to the untrained eye that it is 'just play'...but play is essential for young children to practise key skills. Learning in Year R is as carefully planned and assessed as it is throughout the rest of the school.


There will also be a relentless focus on securing phonics skills, early reading skills and the foundations of number. All children will learn to live by Peartree values. Throughout the year, children will take part in their first class assembly, go on school trips, celebrate school events and make lots of new friends.


For more information about Year R, visit our EYFS page, which explains the curriculum expectations in more detail.